Can we self host ReviewNB?
  • Yes. If you’re interested in on-prem installation, please fill the form and we’ll get in touch.
Does ReviewNB work with GitHub Enterprise?
  • Yes. Our self hosted installation works with GitHub Enterprise & GitHub.com both.
Does ReviewNB work with GitLab or BitBucket?
  • Not yet. Additional platform support is one of our most requested feature. Feel free to upvote/follow updates.
Which repositories can ReviewNB access?
  • We can only access repositories for which you have enabled ReviewNB on GitHub
  • You can enable/disable individual repository access at any time from GitHub
What GitHub permissions do you need?
  • Read repository contents to fetch notebooks and compute diff
  • Read repository metadata to fetch list of commits and PRs
  • Read-Write access to pull requests to read & write PR comments
How can we trust ReviewNB with our private repositories?
  • ReviewNB does NOT store any repository contents. Notebooks / Diffs / Comments / Commits / PRs, none of these are stored in ReviewNB
  • Anytime you open a diff, we make API calls to GitHub to fetch the data. We process the diff and serve it to your browser in real time
  • Any comments you write are also directly posted to GitHub & not stored in ReviewNB
What about GitHub access token security?
  • GitHub access tokens are stored with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption
  • Every time you logout and login, we generate a new GitHub access token. That way, your tokens are automatically rotated and the old one becomes defunct
Still, how can we trust ReviewNB?