Migrate From 0.1.x to 0.2.x

This is a major version upgrade with some new exciting features. There’s only one change required in setup/installation - we require SMTP settings to send emails. This is to notify users when there is a new comment on their notebooks or somebody replies to a conversation.

You can use the same SMTP settings that you are using with GitHub Enterprise or any other SMTP server you might have (even GMail/GSuite). Following SMTP server credentials are required to be set as environment variables.

  • EMAIL_HOST: URL of SMTP server

  • EMAIL_PORT: Port number of SMTP server (defaults to port 587 if none specified)

  • EMAIL_HOST_USER: Username to authenticate with SMTP server

  • EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD: Password to authenticate with SMTP server

  • SENDER_EMAIL_ADDRESS: Email address of the sender e.g. no-reply@<your-domain>.com

  • TEST_EMAIL_ADDRESS: Your own email address to receive test email to verify all SMTP settings are correct.

Once you have gathered above SMTP settings then just,

That’s all! Now you are upgraded to ReviewNB 0.2.x