This is an architectural overview of our self hosted offering. ReviewNB application is distributed as a docker image via Quay. The application communicates with your GitHub repositories & offers a review workflow for your Jupyter notebooks stored on GitHub.


There are 3 main components to setup -

  • PostgreSQL DB (stores user identity, GitHub metadata, notebook comments)

  • Actual application (distributed as a docker image)

  • GitHub App (to identify the client making GitHub API calls)

In a self hosted setup you create & fully control all the 3 components above. Here’s our step-by-step installation guide.


Does ReviewNB work with GitHub Enterprise?

Yes. Our self hosted installation works with GitHub Enterprise & GitHub.com both.

How long does it take to setup a self hosted ReviewNB instance?

It takes about ~2 hours to set everything up.

How much effort is required for maintainance?
  • There’s no maintainance required of you apart from periodic updates.

  • We notify you when periodic update is released. Update process shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes (you simply pull docker image with the new tag)

Does the application makes any call back to “home”?

No. The application does not make any calls back to ReviewNB infrastructure. Even the licensing information is pre-baked into your docker image.

How does licensing work?

We charge base fee + per user fee each month. This includes licensing, installation, upgrades & support. It’s a pay-as-you-go model, you can cancel anytime.

Why is self hosted offering more expensive than the hosted offering?

  • For self hosted ReviewNB, we work individually with each company to help you with setup, agreement, installation, maintenance, periodic updates, support & anything else required to make notebook reviews successful in your environment.

  • We maintain a separate docker repository for each self hosted customer where they receive their own updates.

  • We offer real time support over slack or phone for any critical issues.

  • We offer indemnity protections to on-prem customers (details in the contract), nothing like this is offered for hosted customers.

How secure is self hosted ReviewNB?

Most important thing for us & all our self hosted customers is security & privacy of their data/notebooks. With that in mind, here’s our security design overview -

  • The application does not make any calls back to ReviewNB infrastructure. All the data is stored securely under your own control.

  • You can (and should) restrict the outbound access of ReviewNB service only to Github.com & your own SMTP server (except for fetching data from GitHub & sending emails to users, the application does not need to talk to outside world)

  • You can (and should) restrict the inbound access to your own corporate VPN. Nobody outside your company network can access the ReviewNB application.

  • You can (and should) only allow inbound access to PostgresDB from ReviewNB application.

  • GitHub API key for the user is stored in DB with AES encryption.

  • Every time a user logs out and logs back in we create a new GitHub API key (as part of the GitHub OAuth login flow), effectively making the old keys defunct.

  • Our app has been verified by GitHub team & approved for sell on GitHub marketplace. You can see Verified by GitHub badge on our marketplace listing.